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​The credibility of science depends on adherence to professional standards and practices for the acquisition of fact-based knowledge. No matter the background, education, or knowledge you can contribute to science!

Citizen scientist volunteers donate their time, effort, and resources for a reward to their personal interest, intellectual challenge or curiosity, entertainment, social interaction, and/or enhancing humanity. For most projects, a science background is not necessary to participate. All volunteers on a project follow a specified data collection method and have access with others to the data. Some research studies that involve citizen science volunteers end up being published in technical journals. Find a project that interest you here!

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​Education is a life-long journey for knowledge, and science information or data can be found as near as your computer screen.  We do our best to collect some of the best information we can find and making it available for you here.

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​In science, “basic research” attempts to learn things that aren’t necessarily applicable or useful in the short-term. “Applied research” strives to answer a question or solve a problem in the immediate real world.  Keep up with our Science News findings from both kinds of research on subjects of potential relevance to our local area.

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Members contribute to the educational mission with their enthusiasm, time, ideas and financial donations. Sign up to be a member or find out more info here. 


We are dedicated to making an impact by spreading available science information and opportunities to learn more about the world around us to our local community. 

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