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​We are an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit alliance of scientist and nonscientist volunteers who advocate an increased understanding of the nature, value, and integrity of science to benefit our communities. 


Not long ago, two dozen local citizens met in Newport, WA to discuss how the wisdom of science could improve human health, sustain our economy, and protect the environment upon which all life depends. As a result, an alliance of scientists and non-scientist supporters volunteered to organize and equip a science education nonprofit through their time, ideas, and membership donations. In 2018, Selkirk Alliance for Science (SAS) registered with the state of Washington (UBI 604 213 226) and the IRS (EIN 61-1867964).


Some SAS members have expertise in applying and teaching earth, life, and physical sciences. Other members help support those efforts to inform their neighborhood or regional communities about how science works, the benefits that science brings, and the importance of high integrity when practicing, using, or reporting evidence-based scientific knowledge.


We strive to accomplish our mission through usually-free-to-the-public science events, presentations, written essays, and citizen science opportunities to help people make informed decisions. We have no paid employees and our modest membership dues or charitable donations finance the logistics of these efforts.



We have offered indoor or field presentations about human memory, forest fungi identification, water yield forecasting, local geology, prescribing forest structure, using mathematics to grow gardens or commercial crops, ecosystem services, regenerative agriculture, and star party astronomy.We identify online references for understanding scientific writings, identifying bird feathers, learning wild animal lifespans, and forthcoming occurrences in astronomy. We describe citizen science projects that anyone can participate in to help science researchers collect or identify environmental features or conditions.


We partner with other nonprofits, entities, and private landowners to collect data on local air quality or anthropogenic noise levels throughout Pend Oreille County.


We provide written essays and published evidence about how some politicians, industries, and individuals corrupt science to fulfill their self-interests. Misinformation and disinformation are accidental or purposeful persuasions that can befall any inexperienced individual.


During the peak of winter, we offer an online, weekly, free-to-the-public science trivia contest that anyone can enter. It’s a fun way to learn about the scientific features of Pend Oreille County and surrounding areas. Contestants are eligible to win free science pocket guides or books.


Science and scientific evidence can be the most interesting, useful, entertaining, and factual means to base everyday life decisions on.


​The credibility of science depends on adherence to professional standards and practices for the acquisition of fact-based knowledge. This webpage identifies how science has been misused in commerce and government, and ways for citizens to spot these abuses.

Will Science Endure Without Integrity?

Since modern times, science and scientists have brought health, safety, and prosperity to many. However, over the last 40 years, some governing officials have subverted science to benefit only the few. Click here to discover 21 ways that science integrity has been tarnished by unethical, undemocratic, and selfish acts that waste taxpayer dollars and harm the environment.

The Disinformation Playbook

Discover how some business interests deceive, misinform, and buy influence at the expense of public health and safety. Too many commercial interests are using a set of 5 tactics made famous decades ago by the tobacco industry. Those strategies are fully described with specific examples in The Disinformation Playbook.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Meet the Selkirk Alliance for Science Officers and Board of Directors.

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