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​Education is a life-long journey for knowledge, and science information or data can be found as near as your computer screen. This webpage provides Internet links to the world of curiosity and inquiry.

Ecosystem Services

Ray Entz' understanding and viewpoints incorporate knowledge of aboriginal people who lived on the land for millennia. Ray lays out two pathways to explain ecosystem services.

Feather Atlas

A website promotes feather identification, research, and appreciation by providing high-resolution scans of the flight feathers of North American birds.

What's An Ologist?

Did you know there is a scientific name for the study of horses, or for the study of underground water? Anything that ends with "ology or ologist" can be found here with a brief description!

Washington’s Sagebrush Sea 

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, in partnership with Conservation Northwest, produced the 12-minute film “This Land is Part of Us” to bring attention to the region.

TED Talk Science Seminar Videos.

We've created a list of Ted Talk Science Videos we think you'll enjoy!

How to Read and Understand a Scientific Paper

A Step-by-Step Guide for Non-Scientists

Ask Dr. Universe

An online science education project developed by Washington State University. If you have a science question, they have the answer on subjects ranging from aging to zombies.

Longevity Records

Who of us haven't wondered how long vertebrate animals live? This website has that data for animals. Imagine the credibility you would enjoy if, during a conversation at dinner or the office, you could announce that the oldest known western aquatic garter snake lived 7.7 years? 

Be Bear Aware

Drew Hamilton and Bjorn Dilhe highlighting Bjorn’s upcoming book “A Shape in the Dark” — offered a unique chance to experience Alaska’s brown and black bears and learn from Bjorn’s lifelong experiences with and passion for these animals.

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